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No More Feelings es el cuarto álbum de los Sludge / Doomers finlandeses Slave Hands, contiene siete sombríos y sofocantes temas con lentos riffs, producción abrasiva e insociables voces. Disco muy recomendable para entusiastas del Sludge de los noventas y banda como Grief, Noothgrush o Corrupted.


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“No More Feelings is a uncompromising disease ridden sludge monster. I’ve always preferred my sludge to be raw, abrasive and harrowing like the 90s scene mentioned earlier in this review. Slave Hands have nailed this and No More Feelings is a great release from the group. So if you like your music to drag you down into the abyss with monstrous riffs, abrasive production and ogre like vocals then Slave Hands is for you.”     The Sleeping Shaman

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“If you love your Doom to be flatteningly heavy and dripping with infected hatred, then you’ll find No More Feelings utterly huge: dark, uncompromising yet delicately seasoned, Slave Hands has come of age in exciting, brutal fashion.”     Ghost Cult

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