Los ingleses My Silent Wake en trece años de existencia editaron diez discos. En Was Was Death, doble Lp con nueve largas composiciones, donde examinan la muerte desde múltiples perspectiva, más de una hora de duración de áspera y amarga introspectividad, solidas lineas de guitarra acompañadas de melodías encantadoras y pegadizas armonías, junto a la diversidad de los arreglos musicales, hace de este disco una obra majestuosa del Death/Doom que gana con cada nueva escucha, sin sentir la necesidad de buscar éxitos rápidos y fáciles.


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Prolific, consistent, innovative and committed, this 10th full length album indicates one thing: My Silent Wake are the UK’s current standard-bearers of death/doom. There was death, there was doom…..there will always be My Silent Wake!     Worship Metal

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«There Was Death is a sturdy and powerful album in a catalog of one of UK metal’s more intriguing acts.”     The Sludgelord!

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“There Was Death presents as a polished, burly and solidly constructed album, clearly influenced by legendary countrymen My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost, and featuring melancholic flashes of Insomnium-like grace. My Silent Wake manage to cultivate a reasonably individual style branching from their notable influences. The gloomy melodies, measured pace, and thick, drawn-out riffs are representative of their doom leanings, however, the sprightlier tempos, forceful double kick onslaughts, and appropriately meaty and partially decipherable growls are never far away, forming a solid marriage between deathly crush and bleak, pulsating doom atmospheres.”     Angry Metal Guy

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“This album, in some levels, is quite unexpected and fantastic. Undoubtedly has pungent, elevated and sensible elements. With glorious harmonies, and wisely solid guitar lines, My Silent Wake very subtlety devises a more constrained and perceptive style, sometimes ambivalent, but methodically elaborated. The formidable technical aspects of their music, being intensely formulated at the densest detail, are qualities to be fully appreciated.”     Merchants of Air

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