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III Into Disgust es el esperado tercer álbum de los Sludge / Doomers Frogskin, tras una actividad de casi veinte años y una discografía plagada de un número importante de Ep’s y Split’s. Con una duración de más de cuarenta minutos, el disco contiene cinco temas donde Frogskin interpretan el Sludge más asfixiante y casticista. Banda recomendada para entusiastas de grupos como Burning Witch, Khanate o Moss.


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III – Into Disgust is fantastic from start to finish and, as I write this, it’s only January but I need to start noting down my Top Ten albums for 2023 and this is first on my list.”     The Sleeping Shaman

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“Frogskin manage to create a really deep texture that allows, despite all its viscosity, to unfold a breathtaking dynamic, and overwhelming intensity with major impact, musically and emotionally.”     The Wycked Lady

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“The quartet from Nurmijärvi, a neighbouring city to the capital Helsinki, has very clear ideas and translates them musically in a simple, linear but also dramatically effective manner, and it is for all these reasons that listening to an album such as III – Into Disgust is absolutely recommended.”     Mournful Sounds

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