Crowhaven, en sus treinta años de existencia, solo grabaron este disco ‘»Emotional Adjustment”  en el año 1986, del cual sólo se imprimieron 300 copias en Vinilo y 100 copias en formato cassette. Por una de esas copias en vinilo, se llegó a pagar más de 700 dólares en una subasta de e-bay.

En éste Lp no encontraras Rock de fantasias, ni Heavy Metal de infierno, ni música Gótica malhumorada, esto es simplemente clásico Metal de la época que se grabó, con voces ásperas o más bien un poco arenosas, con una pizca de algunas bandas británicas de principios de los 80 del movimiento NWOBHM, muy recomendado para seguidores de bandas como Legend, Dark Starr, Angel Of Mercy, etc.


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“A rather unique album that is one of my absolute favorites among the independent full-length heavy albums from the 1980s. I don’t know how the musicians came up with this sound or this album; playing this style of music in Kentucky in 1986 was about as out of place as having Justin Bieber open for Napalm Death at the Grand Ole Oprey. I do know that I never get tired of rolling the windows down and cranking the volume up for this one. I’m a good boy at heart ‘til ‘Emotional Adjustment’ starts, and then I do go just a lil’ bit crazy. Pack a lunch folks, this one RAWKS all day long!”     The Corroseum

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«This is a cool re-issue of a hard to find obscure release that has great material and it’s a genuinely great find. That being said, Crowhaven had some great ideas and it’s a shame that they never got massive credit at the time.»     Brutalism

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“Overall, it is a well-crafted, solid and honest heavy/hard rock record. You can find great ideas in it, performed in a high level by the musicians. Honors go to the almost-progressive Lane’s drumming, the distinctive Duncil’s voice (that in times brings Danzig in mind) and the guitarwork in general. The production, concerning the recording year, is pretty decent and simply will let you feel the ‘80s atmosphere.”     Metal Invader

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