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Chaos Mongering Degradation / Unbound Horro es una compilación en vinilo, al que le dan forma las Demos del mismo nombre publicadas en 2016 por la banda norteamericana Ceremented.

En la cara A  su última Cassette Chaos Mongering Degradation, de esta Demo el sello noruego Gravplass Propaganda hizo una edición de 100 copias. La Cara B contiene la Demo de debut Unbound Horror, de la cual el grupo hizo una edición de tan solo 25 copias, por supuesto agotada. En total ocho temas, donde la ausencia de la guitarra es total, el batería, la voz y el bajo, en la cara A hay dos bajistas, se las arreglan para hacer crudo y ennegrecido Death Metal, unido al Doom más sombrío y ralentizado, creando paisajes y atmósferas primitivas a diferencia de la mayoría de bandas de Estados Unidos.


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“The vibes put off by this act certainly feel like the end, like a reflective shadow of the fruitless, vain hope of mankind’s prosperity and all foolish attempts at “progress.” With very open compositions, Ceremented’s songs don’t feel as “involved” or driven as most Death Metal acts, but also aren’t as reverberating and thick sounding like a Doomier project might be, rather, they intersect somewhere in the gap – somewhere on the terrible threshold of despondency and contemptible sickness.”     CVLT Nation

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“Ak by som to mal pripodobniť k niečomu hudobnému, skúste si pustiť posledný album Celtic Frost, Toma G. Warriora vymeňte za napríklad umierajúceho rosomáka, znížte ešte tempo, pridajte viac archaický a okultnejší sound a vyhoďte gitary.”     Metal Express

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“We’re all fans of the various facets of extreme metal – the goal in adding a second bass was to delve further into creating something that doesn’t sound quite like any of the other stuff we listen to. The drum patterns trudge through keeping the consistency of our take on informal death which is what we wanted to create; something raw, primitive and moving with this release. We channel our disgust and hatred into every single arrangement in hopes of disrupting any vibration that conveys comfort. ”     Decibel Magazine

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“At first, I was going to bitch about the sounds on this demo, but the more I listened to it I started to think that maybe this band does n´t have to sound better. Chaos Mongering Degradation is pure filth and nothing but. Those who like their Death Metal raw and filthy should give some attention to this band. Pure madness and filth”.    Stench From The Grave

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