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II es el segundo álbum de la banda Death / Doom francesa Epitaphe. El doble Lp con una duración de algo más de una hora, contiene tres canciones de casi veinte minutos más una intro y out de tres minutos cada una. Si duda, la atmósfera que consiguen crear es lo más significativo del sonido Epitaphe, incluso la consiguen mantener en las partes de Death Metal puro, no solo en las más Progresivas o Doom. Creando amplios pasajes sonoros, desde la melancolía al Death Metal más aplastante.


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“In short there basically isn’t anything wrong with this record, as such I think that my score reflects that. I don’t really think I can criticise any of it. The intro and outro are perfectly placed and work amazingly, the meat of the release is a total roller coaster and it fits almost any mood. You could just as easily be going mental and headbanging like a maniac or laying on the floor meditating, it’s a strange, cosmic and wonderful journey, one which I just cannot fault.”     Ave Noctum.  10/10

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II, French death doom metal band Epitaphe’s simply titled second album, is a triumph of composition and innovation. The band draws from their roots in the French Alps where they were surrounded by the sublime, awesome and often terrifying beauty and power of nature and channelled it into an album that is rooted in tradition and Romanticism while at the same time sounding thoroughly contemporary and innovative.” The Progressive Subway. 10/10

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“There’ll be no better place to introduce yourself to Epitaphe here on this challenging yet never gaudily inaccessible (nor too accessible) second record but, I do recommend seeking out its necessary companion ‘I’. A highest possible recommendation is warranted, this is without question one of the most essential extreme metal records of 2022.”     Mystification Zine  100/100

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“It is adventurous music with zero pretensions about obscuring its roots in the catacomb filth that all of the genre rests upon. Yet rather than obvious stylistic juxtaposition or meandering noodling, Epitaphe took the familiar, the tried and the true and morphed it into their own. If you are going to be making progressive death metal from 2022 onwards, this is one of the monoliths you will be compared with for a long time.”     Toilet Ov Hell  4,5/5

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“It moves from funeral doom dirges, to pummeling black metal, to airy prog rock, to blistering blackened doom, and none of it feels out of place. I’m not even sure if I should be in awe of its compositions or how convincing the performances and production make them feel. I’m just in awe .… The kind of album that makes you feel a bit inappropriate for showering it with so much praise.”     Metal Storm

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Epitaphe makes a highly-listenable album that offers the listener something that is worth several listens, even one after the other. II is probably a great example of a wide array of extreme metal offered in one sitting, often showing where the genres cross over to achieve the same narrative goal.”     Metal Epidemic  4/5

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II is replete with everything from airy progressive moods to brutal blasting aggression, and much between. Beauty and resplendence sit alongside darkness and misery as the colossal music runs through its playing time, visiting many different shores along the way to its ultimate destination.”     Wonderbox Metal

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