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Haunting Tales Of A Warrior’s Past es segundo trabajo editado por la banda de Power Metal norteamericana Matthias Steele, publicado sólo en formato Cassette 1991 y remasterizado y publicado en 2017 en formato doble Lp, (del segundo disco sólo está grabada la cara A). Diez tema de Power Metal americano con fuertes influencia de las primeras bandas Thrash y algunos arreglos casi progresivos.


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“t would be awesome if one of these labels that specialises in old forgotten metal albums such a were to reissue Haunting Tales of a Warrior’s Past, as this one truly is a lost gem of US power metal.”      Metal Music Archives

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“I knew I’d never listened to it and don’t really remember putting it on there. So I cued it up, gave it a shot and was in shock with just how good this album was.”     Heavy Metal Time Machine

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“Haunting Tales of a Warrior’s Past. This is one of those shamefully overlooked power metal albums that got lost in the shuffle. One listen will explain why it was a shame these guys were moribund for 25 years after this release. Power metal fans rejoice.”     Into The Abyss Of Oblivion

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