Misantropus es una banda de Doom Metal italiana con conciencia ambiental, cada uno de los cuatro temas que componen The Gnomes, más de media hora de duración, está dedicado a los cuatro elementos naturales y a las entidades que los representan. Los Gnomos (Ariel), La Salamandra (Mikhael), Ondinas (Gabriel) y Duendes (Raphael). Temas instrumentales fuertemente influenciados por la vieja escuela del Doom Metal Italiana.


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“Without a doubt it’s super effective and it had me hitting the replay button a few times over! Recommend for fans of Paul Chain, Saint Vitus and Manilla Road, «The Gnomes» is another great addition to any doom collection and another reason why I look forward to each new Minotauro Records’ release!”

Metal Mark



“Il verbo che esprime tutta questa vasta gamma di avvertenze, prescrizioni, consigli e suggerimenti è naturalmente il doom nativo dall’heavy metal, quello dai lunghi riff e poche variazioni che nel suo distendersi accumula energia e diventa mantrico.”

Rock Line



“The album was released in 2015th by Minotauro Records and represents minimalistic instrumental stoner doom stuff. Misantropus follows this path of minimalistic approach in all of band’s aspects: it has rude and primitive artworks with bloody limited number of colours for each of their album, they play totally instrumental music without any vocals, and after all their repetitive riff-based tracks are mostly cyclic.”

Psychedelic Baby Magazine

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