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Coagulating Darkness es el primer álbum de Hellripper, proyecto fundado en Escocia a modo de One-man band, el Lp contiene ocho temas, guitarra distorsionada, rápidos riffs, y bajo atronador, todo con marcado sonido Old School.


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“Para todos los amantes del Metal más auténtico, directo y sin pretensiones en tiempos actuales, Hellripper (Aberdeen, 2014) es lo que estás buscando.”     El Portal Del Metal

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“Seriously, how can one guy make something that will blow everything that legends like Destruction or Venom put out? This band is arguably one of the best One Man Bands of all time.” (9,1/10)     Lycanthropia

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“ I’m transported back to some obscure, shady corner of the mid 80s where tight black leather jackets, black candles and bullet belts are all the rage. Damn, this is instant apocalyptic metal that daubs itself onto the psyche. This guy needs to be heard, because this is real, raw punked-up speed metal that even Lucifer would be proud of.” (9/10)     Metal Forces

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“I definitely have a weakness for dirty black/speed like this, so it didn’t really come has a surprise when this turned out to be one of my favourite releases of 2017” (9/10)     Blood Kvlt

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Coagulating Darkness is one of the most blistering and ferocious pieces of honest, balls-on-fire metal I’ve heard in some time.”     The Intestinal Fortitude

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