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Kapalgnosis publicado en 2013, es el primer álbum de los Death / Thrash Metal formados en Bangladesh Orato. El disco contiene diez temas rápidos, vitales y ultra bestias, incluido un cover de Merciless, toda una revelación de la escena asiática.


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“This album is a hidden gem. It is never too late to grab it. The disc contains an exemplary metal production, powerful hands and wrists, a spewing larynx and constitutes a paradigm for deathrash metal. – Ali”     The Metallian 8/10

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“the band successfully conjures a death metal sound via a vicious thrash metal percussive channel, which is both gratifying and has high replay value. It might not present the most original sound, but is cohesively executed and to put it simply, very catchy and invigorating, and is stellar by any standards.”     Putrid Ascendancy

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